Trigger Warning: This story discusses my experience of being in lockdown because of a credible threat that was made towards my undergrad institution. If this topic does not sit well with you, I would not recommend you read this. Thank you. If you find yourself being triggered through this article, there are resources available to you.

One of the first things that I do every morning, is check my Facebook memories. It’s probably not the first thing that I should do every morning, but to be quite honest it’s become a habit of mine. This week however, I tried to…

Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime, you meet someone that you believe from the start.

Once in a lifetime, you fall in love and never look back.

Once in a lifetime, you feel guilty for choosing him over friends.

Once in a lifetime, you take a chance on someone you know nothing about.

Once in a lifetime, your texts are from no one except him.

Once in a lifetime, you feel trapped.

Once in a lifetime, you feel stuck and lost.

Once in a lifetime, you forget where that little girl has gone.

Once in a lifetime, you…

The Real Deal on Grad School (Well, the first few weeks)

When applying for undergrad, I always knew that I wanted to go on and get my masters. At the time, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to study, but I knew I wanted to further my education in something somewhere. I also didn’t see myself entering the job market right after I got my bachelor’s.
I guess the idea first popped into my head when I wanted to study Psychology. I had known for a field like that, you almost need your master’s. When my interests changed to…

A review of 10 hiking/walking spots in New York: COVID-19 edition

Since COVID-19 began, a regular Saturday trip to the mall has been replaced with other activities. Personally, my friend Emily and I have been doing a lot of hiking and walking. Before the pandemic, I would hike once in a while, but lately it seems like it’s the new norm. We are always looking up new places to explore and take photos at. If you are looking for some new places to explore, keep reading. Here is a review on all of the places we’ve been so far. …

Source: YouTube

When this episode of Carmindy’s digital series premiered on Wednesday, I might have driven a little fast on the way home just to watch it, and honestly, it was worth the watch.

In this episode of In (her) beauty, called “Makeover University,” Carmindy travels to West Chester University to makeover education major Piper.

Personally, I really enjoyed this episode as it was pretty relatable. I liked seeing Carmindy walk down the hall with Piper’s friends to surprise her. Being a college student, I always love when people surprise me at school. I instantly get excited and will honestly drop everything…

Second episode of “In (her) beauty” worth the watch

Source: YouTube

If you know me, you know I’m pretty picky about what I watch. There’s certain television shows that I’m just hooked to, such as Pretty Little Liars or Dance Moms. If I don’t like the first episode of a show, I won’t watch the second one.

With Carmindy’s new digital series “In (her) beauty,” that was not the case. I loved the first episode and started to watch the second episode minutes after it premiered on QVC’s social media channels.

If you haven’t even seen the first episode, it’s not too…

Source: The inclusion solution

Dear Class of 2020,

I had planned on writing something like this during the week of May 15. May 15 was the day that myself and so many others would be walking across the stage to show all of the hard work that we did had paid off. Every hour spent in the library, every dollar we spent on coffee, every all-nighter we would all be worth it. To be honest, that day was something that I was looking forward to for a long time. …


As someone who struggled with physical confidence for the majority of her life, meeting Carmindy back in 2015 was a real game-changer for me. Within the three and a half hours I was with her, my life drastically changed for the better. I barely knew anything about makeup before I met her, nor did I know much about myself.

However, I know that I can not speak for just myself when I say that Carmindy is still changing lives. …

Old heart and yesterday’s trash

Deathly afraid to say no

Always making excuses

To tell him I can’t go

Always hiding and wanting out

Not sure where to turn

He was an old start

And my heart was about to burn

Nights with the girls were much more fun

South Park, Disney, Full House and more

Avoided so much anger and hurt

Who knew there was more in store

Thought of ways to avoid him

Never wanted to get a text

Finding alternative routes

Just for my now ex

Treated me like crap

Treated me like trash

Wasn’t being myself

This is the story of finding out I was accepted into the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.


Just by hearing the name once, I get chills. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’ll break it down.

The Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University is one of the most prestigious communication schools in the country. It is a program that receives hundreds of applicants each year and only accepts around 200.

Back in high school, I remember hearing that a friend of mine looked at Newhouse for undergraduate work, but I don’t think…

Kaitlyn Tambasco

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