I’m trying really I am. I don’t know what I can do to earn your trust back again. You’ve said now I’ve become just another girl but how could you not see I gave you my world. I let you fully in and trusted you will all my might, but somehow you just seen right past my bright light. Every day I would express my love, show you how it made me feel to finally fall for someone so real. I’m hurting when we fight and missing you every second, but loving you hard never felt so right. Your smile is like a breath of fresh air, and you can join me forever if you dare. I say forever because I truly mean it, I don’t just say it out of spite and you should’ve already seen it. Your my inspiration and because of you I get to finally do what I love and achieve everything I’ve never thought I’d become. Courage is what I now have, thanks to you I feel so glad. Don’t let go so easily, I know I’m not perfect but give me a chance I’m going to try to earn it. You said you couldn’t imagine your life without me, so please don’t leave me in the dust and just let me be. I need you here with me, to hold me tight because you promised never to let go not even in your dreams. I love you and I promise, I swear I’m going to try harder but to be honest your my future husband to be. One day I’m hoping you’ll be on one knee, so in advance here’s my yes to you I hope to see you with me one day in France.

Dedicated to my one and only AJ

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