Today is the day! Today is an Eve day, well at least according to me it is. Tomorrow is a day I never once in almost seventeen years considered happy or special. I was never excited and to those who thought I was, think again you saw what you wanted to see. My whole life I had to fake what i was really feeling deep down just to make everyone else happy, but did I make myself happy? NO! January 17, 2017 , was the day my whole life completely changed. I met someone so special to me in my life and I’m for once glad to call him ALL MINE!! He’s made me a way better version of the girl everyone else seen. Now, I told you tomorrow is an Eve day and is a day I never ONCE loved or even liked. However, this year is different because for once I AM NOT ALL ALONE! When I say all alone I mean that, well it was all negativity until he came along and this year I get to finally be happy and have someone by my side for support in case there is something bad going on, I know this year I FINALLY have something, my bad SOMEONE to CHEER ME UP! So, thank you to my boyfriend/future husband because without you I would never have found excitement in life if i’m being really honest here. OH WAIT, its an eve day today right? Well, that means tomorrow is..well yes…… MY BIRTHDAY!

Dedicated to my joy Aj

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