For her skin is soft, her heart shallow

Her mind made up but her feelings kept

Her words ready to come out but her mouth shut.

Her eyes wet, her fists clenched but she loosens them afraid of what others might say.

She has two true best friends they really matter and she prays to god hoping they’ll stay in her life forever.

She wants to fit in with others but stops and says what’s the point if you can’t truly be yourself.

When she looks in the mirror she sees flaws, for she is who she is and you can’t change her at all.

For she wants to be different but when she tries to be others shut her out completely including her very own family.

She’s surrounded by negativity but wants to be happy, but she has to speak up and come to the realization that this is reality.

Out of this area she wants to be, one more year and she’ll be in a place where she is truly happy and free.

There she is accepted for who she is and that’s all she ask is just for a little bit of acknowledgement.

She is strong and will try to remain that way being that she got someone to help her through each and every day.

Dedicated to my everything aj

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