Simple things in life have such an effect on people

Sometimes these simple things make us want to cry

Its funny how something can change your whole life.

For example, going to school is a simple thing but after it you will never be the same.

One thing I’ve learned is to treat everyone the same.

People say treat people how you would want to be treated but im sure they wouldn’t want to be ignored or insulted.

I get it might take a while to fully mature but even I know your acting premature.

STUPID, FAT, LOSER, WORTHLESS, are the words I never want to hear even though they come out from your mouth and into my ear.

No one should be left unspoken for they got a heart and mind of their own but thanks to you its probably depressed and broken.

Broken is how I never want to see someone, for I’ll encourage you so you know you’ll always have someone who will make you want to grow.

So yes, treat people the way you want to be treated otherwise you’ll have Karma and see that the bullying was never needed.

Respect, love and care is something that people should start to share.

Dedicated to my king aj

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