21 Things I Learned at 21

I’ve never been one to make a big spectacle about my birthday.

I appreciate the love and kind words, but never felt the sincerity except for the excuse for people to make nice gestures because it was “my day”.

Last year around this time, I was completely lost. I was closing doors on what was my path for the past 2 years, and embarked with new ambition towards self-discovery with no real direction. Today, I realized this journey is much more difficulty and lonely than I ever imagined. A tremendous amount of ups and downs, but I am happier. I feel more holistic and true to myself, but far from all the answers.

I still go through waves of uncertainty, self-doubt, and discouragement. The difference between last year and now is HOW I handle it and WHAT I do to push past the negativity. If I could take anything away from last year is that your true friends and family will be there for you unconditionally…but that means you must do the same in return. I’ve realized that people are more selfish and “me” centric as they admit, so you cannot be naive to this.

The truth is, the people you surround yourself with truly reflect who YOU are as an individual. As independent or free you think you are, those who you associate with say a lot. I’ve stopped fixating on the ambiguity of what could happen in the far future and have driven my attention towards anything I can control.

This list is a mix of inspiration and straight up facts I’ve discovered through experiences. Take it with a grain of salt because no one will have the same journey, but this is mine.

  1. There are no perfect people, but there are the RIGHT people. You can and will outgrow people.
  2. Allow yourself to love, even if if hurts. Feeling loved is important, but spreading your love will let you sleep better.
  3. Stop overthinking and just DO.
  4. I’m more productive in the early morning, but creative late at night.
  5. As much as you crave it, too much dairy will make you sick and throw up. Being lactose intolerance is hurting my love for cheese.
  6. People value you, don’t forget that.
  7. Self-love is important — but it is a process.
  8. Be afraid, never satisfied.
  9. Find balance in your life; taking the time for whatever you find important or need to be happy.
  10. Feelings are not facts.
  11. Open an “incognito” window when booking flights or hotels.
  12. Not everyone will be your biggest supporter.
  13. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  14. Words are empty when no actions follow — talk is cheap, and so are bullshit friends.
  15. Anxiety doesn’t come from thinking about the future (this is natural), it comes from trying to control it.
  16. Travel MORE and OFTEN.
  17. You are your biggest critique. Don’t hold back from doing activities alone.
  18. Fitness and your overall mental health should always be a priority.
  19. Nothing is free; people always have their own agenda and so should you.
  20. Getting over someone you never dated is the hardest break-up.
  21. Unapologetically be yourself.

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