Editor’s note: The following blog post is part of a series of reflections and observations made by individual GreyMatter.io team members while conducting research and development in support of the Envoy Proxy open source community. This post has also been published at https://dzone.com/articles/thoughts-on-server-sent-events-http2-and-envoy-1.

In a distributed system, moving data efficiently between services is no small task. It can be especially tricky for a front-end web application that relies on polling data from many backend services.

I recently explored solutions to this problem for Grey Matter — specifically, how we could reduce traffic to some of the most requested services in…

PB, contemplating CSS in JS

A little over a year ago, I was searching for a topic for my 10min tech-talk at Grace Hopper Academy. It was a way for us to explore a topic in depth and practice speaking as newly minted programmers. That’s when I stumbled upon Max Stoiber’s talk from React Conf; we had just started learning React and I thought this new styling paradigm sounded really interesting.

When I started at Decipher, I was excited to find out that they were about to transition their codebase from SCSS to styled-components! Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working exclusively with styled-components…

via TestCafe

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I was recently assigned the task of setting up integration tests for a project at work. We were deciding between two open-source solutions, Nightwatch and TestCafe. Ultimately we went with TestCafe because it is not based on Selenium, which allowed for a much easier setup and a lot less tooling. It also has out of the box support for ES6 syntax and a handy plugin for extending their built in selectors to easily test React components. Here is an article with some more pros/cons of using TestCafe vs Nightwatch.

BrowserStack is…

Kaitlin Moreno

Software Engineer @deciphernow

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