Business Brothers Bump

The show starts at seven, and at 4 o’clock the showroom is empty, the only thing to be heard now is the hurried scruffling of feet moving together positioning speakers, amps and light fixtures.

On stage, the lights are meticulously programmed to cue at specific points in songs. More adjusting goes on during this process to ensure the best angles.

All of this is a part of what makes music sound so boistrous and powerful live, and is the passion of the Greer brothers.

Not to mention their work ethic. While preparing for a show, Michael Greer could not take his eyes off his computer screen. As he hit buttons, lights of different colors flash on the stage in patterns.

After they set up, the show hall will be a totally different scene; Students shoulder to shoulder dancing and jumping to the music, filling the concert hall. The vivid sound and light shows at concerts around the Square and at fraternity parties would be nothing without this brother duo.

Stephen Greer walked swiftly across the empty dance floor, sweat glistening on his face by the flashing light. He moved one speaker, and immediately began to help a co- worker move another. The passion and meticulous drive for perfection was obvious in both brothers.

Twins Stephen and Michael Greer are seniors at The University of Mississippi with a strong passion for not only music, but crisp and clear live music. A hobby turned into a business for fraternities, sororities, bars and other party venues who need a sound and light crew to prep the stage for preformers.

What started as a dream in highschool has turned into a succesfull business in college. The Greers started their own Vault Entertainment Company and have done over 200 shows in Oxford so far throughout their time at Ole Miss, with some shows reaching crowds of 5,000 people.

Vault priamarily sets up for regional artists, some big names being Waka Flaka and Moon Taxi. Currently, Vault is setting up for B.I.G. Krit, who will preform at the Lyric in Oxford, MS Wednesday night, March 25.

“It all started with DJ T- Money,” Jackson native Stephen Greer said, “We have always love music, but after having him preform at our birthday party, we thought, hey! We can do this!”

From there, Greer said that all it really took to get started was to acquire speakers and lights, and then venues who want them to set up for their events.

Fraternities parties were the obvious place to start for the brothers, and from there they grew a brand name and began to get shows at popular venues such as The Lyric on the Oxford Square.

Although Vault is successful, neither of the brothers intend on making Vault their entire professional futures. Stephen is a mechanical engineering major and wants to pursue dentistry, but both see this company as a hobby of theirs that they would love to see flourish and expand out of just North Mississippi.

The Greers share another hobby that has helped them explore other business ideas, as well as learn some business tactics that do help them in their entertainment company. They are a part of The Land Shark Tank, an entrepreneurship club overseen by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The University of Mississippi. Basically, it is a forum for students who have business ideas to pitch them and work on making them applicable for sale. Michael Greer is the upcoming president of the club.

The Greers have pitched ideas for several apps, and have done well in the competitions, where an audience picks their favorite business or product pitched to them.

“The Greers have been really successful with their business, and have shown much promise in meetings and competitions,” Director of The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship said.

The brothers have done well with the solid connections for venues in Oxford that have constant parties, but they have overcome a few diffuculties over the eight years it has been since they began brainstorming about the company.

Making step- by- step investments to purchase enough equipment to pump up a crowd of 5,000 was the first hurdle for them, but not the hardest to overcome.

According to Stephen Greer, it was hard for he and his brother to trust others enough to hire the help that they needed to set up for shows in a realistic amount of time.

“It took us a while to get comfortable with the idea of that, but it was a neccessary step to expand. We are well- rounded and work well as a team,” Greer said.

Future plans for Vault are still in process, but the brothers do plan to restart the business back in Jackson when they graduate from Ole Miss in May 2015. They have also discussed programming rights to take the business national.