Why You Should Study Yoga in India?

India is the birthplace of yoga. For more than 5000 years, sages and regular people were practising yoga in their daily lifestyle. Hence, if you are interested in making yoga as your career option you can study yoga in India. Learning more about yoga in India provides you with a different perspective that you cannot get anywhere else. When you are interacting with the people from India you get to know more about yoga and how it can be incorporated into a daily lifestyle. Even before you come down to India you must know about what form of yoga you would want to learn and teach. If you prefer to stick to simple forms of yoga you can focus on learning hatha yoga in India.

Beyond Yoga Certification
Flying down to India for yoga teacher training certification makes a lot of sense, even if it includes taking a break from your hectic schedule and focusing on your future career options. This is mainly because you are learning from the source. When you learn yoga in India you get the opportunity to live and breathe yoga every day rather than just focusing on it for few hours. You can witness and perform Hindu rituals and see how yoga is incorporated into the culture and lifestyle. You also get to learn how various life philosophies are deeply ingrained into the life of people of India. This is hard to get when you are learning yoga anywhere else. You also get to learn yoga in the open natural environment rather than learning it in close air conditioned and sophisticated environment.

Get Immersive Experience
When you are planning to learn yoga you need an interrupted lifestyle that would allow you to learn yoga in the right way. If you are in any of the top mega cities it would be hard for you to focus on the yoga exercises because you go back to your normal routine after few hours. Dedicating four to six weeks to your yoga practice will allow you to get the right immersive experience. When you fly down to learn yoga in India you will not be worrying about the chores and responsibilities of handling certain things for the day and you can completely focus on your yoga practice. This will allow you to learn yoga the way you should and make you a better yoga practitioner in the near future. Hence, yoga teacher training in India will be a great way to start your future as yoga practitioner or instructor.