SJW Behaviors That Hurt Social Justice
Sara Lynn Michener

This is all very interesting, but let’s talk about a few things, since you want to pop off on Medium about me.

  1. The time you were having a “discussion” about trans issues and I disagreed with you and you were “yelled at” for silencing a WOC? First of all, I don’t know why you needed to specify that I’m young, but I’ll just ignore that. Secondly, you know damn well that happened because you and one of your friends brought up Black Lives Matter in away that was ignorant and diminished the cause of the movement.
  2. Let’s talk about the time you posted something that pertained to women of color, I gave you my opinion as a woman of color and what did you do? Instead of respecting the WOC who voiced their concerns, you accused me of blindly following white people, like I don’t have to check them too and like I don’t know from my own lived experience as a woman of color. You also made light of the fact that I was in an abusive relationship in your little goodbye message…but I guess that’s very intellectual.

You really think continuously silencing women of color on issues that impact them is somehow good for social justice? How do you sound? When I saw that status about you “sobbing” because a Muslim woman was going about her daily life, it gave me a gross feeling and I’m sure many of your alleged “black friends” felt the same way. If you would listen to Black people who haven’t dicked you down, you might learn something and stop looking like a clown on the internet. So Sara, what’s good?

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