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What is the curation of content? Content curation is the process of finding and collecting content from any media and presenting selected best pieces in various structured ways. Curation does not insist you creating your own content, instead, you are selecting, evaluating and contextualising information created by other people that your audience can appreciate and respond to.

In relevance to music, there are many applications and programs that can be utilised to curate any content by your choice. For example, Spotify is a widely exploited music and podcast streaming service which launched in 2008. (Wikipedia, 2016).

Spotify Logo by Jeff Ponchick 2016

Consumers of this program have the capability of curating their own playlists for their own personal use and for the availability of others around the world to explore, too.

Within Spotify, there is generally a link between the music pieces used, whether it be genre, portrayed message, or featured simultaneously in a movie or game.

The following two links contain a playlist each curated via Spotify with corresponding themes and musical dynamics. (Specified in the playlist names).

Blog Curation 1 “Heartbreak R’n’B songs”, a playlist by Kaiya Omori on SpotifyA playlist featuring Russ, Childish Gambino, Future, and othersSpotify

The reason a playlist on the theme of heartbreak was selected is because most consumers feel emotionally attached to music they can relate to or reckon with. Not everyone may have experienced the feeling of hurt when it comes to a significant other, but generally artists with lyrical skill and and an honourable story, it becomes a theme popular with frequent music consumers. The genre of R’n’B was selected for the iconic smoothness of its rhythm, which is what makes R’n’B that much easier to immerse yourself in. The tracks selected narrate stories of personal hurt and the negative implications a significant other has made in them.

Blog Curation 2 “Inspiring Indie Songs”, a playlist by Kaiya Omori on SpotifyA playlist featuring José González, Hozier, The Kooks, and othersSpotify

Inspiration in music can be implicated with many little techniques unique to artists. Indie music generally has an uplifting atmosphere, with a catchy tune which may be a guitar riff or a piano sequence that becomes prominent in a piece. This genre of music has the ability to inspire musically and emotionally with its unique acoustics. The tracks selected in this curation withhold catchy melodies with uplifting atmospheres.

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