How I launched my startup in 3 months with Meteor-Mentor Group

I have that “business” itch. Every time I face a problem, I start thinking, do enough people have this problem ? Will they pay for a solution if I made one ? Should I be doing this for next 2–3 years of my life ?

Turns out there is something called Meteor.

And I was hooked. Along with lean startup, Meteor gave me super powers. Well, that’s what I felt like in the beginning. So I coded for 14 days straight. And that is still the longest stretch in my github. Every feature I thought of, I was able to bring to life within an hour or two. I then knew what is “developer happiness”.

But then it hit me.

It hit me hard. I now had to bring my app online. That means a ton of things like security and performance issues I didn’t care about when I was just building the features. The books and videos were to were getting me there, but I needed a human touch. Hiring a mentor/code review engineer was out of question.

Enter Meteor-Mentor Group

One day, while Browsing the ever vibrant Meteor forum, I noticed a cry for help. Someone was asking if he can get free help from a mentor who is experienced. I smirked. I knew no one was gonna come forward. Anyone or everyone worth their salt is busy.

I was dead wrong.

A renowned dev in the meteor community, who has helped tons of people in the forum already, answered the call of this aspiring coder. I was speechless with overflowing joy and hope. Only thing I could do was write in the thread that I want to be a part of the group.

Soon, other prominent meteor devs came forward. People like Josh Owens, came forward. Josh is a legend in the meteor community. He is the host of the famous spacedojo podcast (which has reached its 100th episode recently) and lead instructor of spacedojo. Another senior dev, Rob also became a part of this. His zen like presence was assuring during the hangout calls.

The show was on.

Serkan Durusoy, our Mentor, started hosting a weekly hangout for us. 7–8 of us joined. 1–2 dropped out the next week or so. But the remaining 4–5 of us stuck together. Instead of making a useless to-do app, we talked about code issues we faced in our real life projects. Everybody would wait their turn to ask questions. Every week I talked about my issues. And I sure asked my noob question without a shadow of shame. I never sensed anger, boredom or any other negative feelings either from Serkan or any other member of the group. If one of us was lacking more than others, he would give him another hour on hangout some other day.

Why this is crazy ?

There are people with various skill level in the code mentor site who charges $15–$50/15 minutes for mentoring. We got 1 hour for free. Each week. Also, there was a dedicated forum thread and a slack channel . Every day, I was posting questions after questions in the slack channel. And serkan and josh and other members answered them patiently. It went on for about 2 and a half months. We were on our 12th hangout episode. I asked the most questions, solved most issues and made my 14 day app production ready and I was ready to launch my startup.

Come join Meteor-Mentor group

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to code his own startup with meteor, or beginner who wants to learn meteor, or someone having tough time with your meteor code, come join us here. You won’t regret it.

Its free ! Forever !

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