How Amazon Outflanked Netflix
Ziad Ismail

Some thoughts on Netflix vs. Amazon and offline viewing.

This is a well written post and asks the right questions. I just thought I’d add a little color to the conversation based on my experience.

1/ I would bet that Netflix has done the research, made the calculation and decided, for now, it isn’t worth doing.

2/ It runs counter to their current strategy.

3/ Many Netflix subscribers also have Amazon Prime. The low price point makes it unlikely that a large swath of consumers are going to shutter their Netflix account just because of a lack of offline viewing.

4/ Netflix original content isn’t available on Amazon. For example, if you want to watch “Orange is the New Black” via Amazon, you’re going to have to buy it independent of Prime.

5/ Even if they were to offer offline viewing, as Harry pointed out, licensing agreements would restrict them to only having originals available.