One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my career
Andrei Herasimchuk

It gives me immense satisfaction, after reading this article (don’t get me wrong here). What I mean is — I am really happy about the fact that people really have come to understand that the devil is in the details, that is where the storm is brewing. I am also really happy about the fact, that you have represented people who DO know programming (a better word for coding) and are designers and bought them into the limelight. In fact, people like them don’t even call themselves designers. My designation says — designer but I have never been trained by education, but only experience as a software engineer and a bit of knack to make things really easy for myself and in turn for others — that’s what I feel design should be. There might be people who have been “developed” as designeers only because they thought of solving the very same problem a bit differently and justifying it. I am really happy by the fact that people should recognize this. Being in this position — kind of feels you are on neither side. I used to work as a User Experience Prototyper, only because I had prior background about programming and building apps, but they never considered me a designer, but still secretly, I was satisfied because I was solving problems until a bit deeper end than the others. Eventually they are the ones (in corporate growth) who go on to become the product managers, from my experience.

A good carpenter is the one who finishes building the chair because he knows how to carve the wood, but a great carpenter’s chair is the one on which you will fall asleep.