The Opium Wars, Racial Tensions, and the Warrior’s Way.

I have been reading about the Opium Wars today, after nearly 20 years of living outside China. It is an interesting experience emotionally for me, and feels relevant to the racial tensions in Europe and America.

The wars were triggered by Chinese’s attempt to ban opium because about 1 in 10 Chinese at the time were opium addicts. The British, who made huge profits from opium, invaded China and forced a treaty to legalize opium and opium trading, and acquired Hong Kong in the process. The British then used Hong Kong as a port to sell opium for many many years. Hong Kong, of course, eventually grew prosperous over time as a significant port between Chinese and the rest of the world.

There is no doubt that the Opium wars and trade is a form of imperialism that have caused massive suffering in the subjugated population (Chinese). I grew up hearing stories of the Opium Wars. The non-Chinese world, of course, have never really heard of it.

I feel immense anger and sadness reading about the Opium Wars, not as a Chinese, but as a human being. The whites have done a lot of nasty things to other races, but so did the yellows, red, and blacks. If there was a race of green people, they did it too. This past is our collective burden to bare, and it should be fueling our collective evolution! I’m angry and sad because we are too busy seeking revenge to move on and move forward.

Every finger pointed in anger just create another wound, another divide. The Courageous Warrior is compassionate without reason; with this unconditional compassion, we forgive.

Breathe in hate, breathe out compassion.

Breathe in sadness, breathe out courage.

Breathe in confusion, breathe out clarity.

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