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How do I know my requirements are good enough?

This is a common question asked both by junior and experienced Business Analysts (BAs) who deal with more ambiguous or complex problems, e.g. large transformation programmes.

Collating requirements for this type of project can be a challenge due to scale and complexity, and it’s not always easy to know when you’ve captured enough information to be able to present requirements to a development team. So, how can BAs make sure their requirements are ‘good enough’?

This article talks a lot about analysing requirements upfront, but this doesn’t mean I am referring…

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The world is rapidly changing and so are many companies. Working in a fast-paced tech environment is not a rare thing anymore and Business Analysts need to learn how to thrive in these conditions.

The role of a Business Analyst is largely about collaboration and involvement in a number of meetings where we will review and agree priorities or scope for IT initiatives. In a fast-moving environment, when working on multiple projects, this can be challenging. Still, a good BA should be organised and know their part of the project very well.

After almost a year at ASOS, I’ve had…

Building strong relationships with our stakeholders can help unlock productivity, value and success. It’s of particular value in my role as a business analyst, where working with other people is a large part of my job. I’m of the belief that some simple rules can be very helpful so, to assist me, I defined five TRUTHs that I try to follow.

T ruth

It doesn’t matter how strong your relationships with stakeholders are if you are not honest with them. Being honest is extremely important, not just to get people on board, but to keep them engaged throughout. Don’t be afraid to…

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