Terry’s Cafe

A hearty English Breakfast

I only write food reviews when I am quite taken by a place. Terry’s small breakfast cafe in Southwark is one such place. Looking out from a small British flagged curtained window onto Olley’s chippie, a funeral director and the giggling sausage cafe, I quietly delighted in my chefs porridge of the day. Topped with all sorts of berries, a just proportion of honey and hearty oats underneath. Aesthetics weren’t sacrificed and the little pot was presented to me beautifully on a white and red checkered cloth table. Perhaps the cafe’s very British interior with black and white photos of Chaplin, the old streets of London and cabbies in situ made the food taste better. But having sampled nearly every veggie breakfast dish, I can attest to everything being pretty bloody good. Those who like fry ups are probably in for a treat. To my international friends, you will not be disappointed if you fancy something quintessentially English one morning. The icing on the cake however, as I sipped my tea I asked the waiter ‘what is the wi fi code Sir?’, he looked at me and said ‘sausages’. And that my dear friends makes Terry’s a winner on every level.