Where to, miss?

I was extremely happy. Everyone around me was happy and proud of me for taking that big step. Big step called moving away. They celebrated my future adventures and promised to stay in touch.

Yet, I was still the one who was eager the most to embark upon this journey.

I was more than ready. A bit sentimental, too. But I knew I needed this change. I knew I need to go, move and start all over again in a new place, surrounded by new people. To create a new way of living, where all the possibilities are waiting for me.

So I went.

I got new place to live. Started working and slowly getting to know my neighborhood, nearby grocery stores and finally got familiar with the endless streets around the city.

My new life has started. And I grow. It was all shiny and flashy at first. I explored and discovered cafes, stores, streets (now called my new favorites) and embraced all the landscape and busy city life.

But then there were days when all the excitement of the unknown transformed into the reality of responsibility.

The reality of moving somewhere new by yourself is that it is extremely tough, challenging and sometimes lonely. There were times when I wondered if I made a right decision. Asking myself if this new place will ever be comfortable enough to truly feel like home.

Then everything fell into places. A silver lining!

I met new people. People with different and diverse principles and personalities. People who became my friends. New started to blossom and solitude faded away. It was gone for good.

All the wishful adventures altered into my life as a new way of living. Now, all the excitement continues and I´m learning things about myself. I open up to new ideas and possibilities.

Now I clearly see the importance of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I´ve changed. And it´s all because of the move.

The move was the most tremendous step I have ever took. And the best decision I have ever made.

I deserve to congratulate myself. To celebrate my dare step. I did it! I followed my dream. I conquered something that most people will never get to.

The truth about moving somewhere new by myself is that “new life” is “my life” now, my now and my home.

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