P1 Case Study

1. Task: To create a landing page in the Photoshop showcasing Roboto typeface.

The landing lage was supposed to be specifically designed to sell the typeface to the potential cusomer, most likely a designer.

2. History of the typeface

Roboto was developed by Goolge and is richly used across many of their platforms including Android phone system. It is also used on Youtube, Google Maps and Google +. It was designed by Christian Robertson, the in-house designer. It was made available to download on January 12, 2012.

3. Research and finding the right mood.

Upon learning about the history of Roboto and where it is used I realised that it is very aproachable, easy to read for prolonged periods. It is very simple and elegant, and very thought out. Google describes the typeface as modern and yet emotional. I found it has universality that comes from the timeless character that it poseses. I started looking for images that embody progress, innovation, timelessness, great design, luxury, simplicity and awe. The Roboto also has a great even geometric quality to it. By looking at it one can really appreciate making typefaces and call it a science. It is such a subtle thing that most people don’t even notice it and yet it is present everywhere and has such a great influence on our perception and emotions. It is an art that speak to our subconscious.


4. Wireframes

After coming up with my moodboard I started drawing wireframes to get an idea how I want the landing page to look like. It proved to be somewhat difficult, it was my first experience with Photoshop and I didn’t really know how to effectively transfer my ideas from paper to Ps. I didn’t really know what the software is capable of so I found myself making a very generic wireframe and then experimanting in photoshop. The eventual design came from my experiments rather than from drawing wireframes. It was a learning curve and the next time I know I will be drawing my project first and spending more time conceptualizing it.

5. Designing in Photoshop

As mentioned above the idea for my project came from actual experimanting in Photoshop rather than the pre-concived wireframes. I experimented with shapes, circles, straight lines, dark and purple colors.

6. Final Thoughts

Overall I’m happy with my design keeping in mind it was my first. I know i need to change my process for the future. I need to adopt more planning and sketching. Definitely my pre-conception process has to be more robust and thought-out. Now I have a better idea what the moodboard is- I will use this tool more in the future. I also understood the idea of color palete. Now I realize how important it is to choose 4 dominating colors that play well with each other.

Project 1 was a great learning experience and on it I will build the future.

Link to a photoshop file:

Link to png file


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