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Current pre historic exhibition at Västernorrlands museum that is now being revised.

In the past few years I have proposed that an ecosystem view of the museum is helpful when implementing new work practices and developing new work cultures that allow for embracing digital tools, technologies and channels. By this I mean that museums need to strategically plan for presence, dialogue and adapted content at all touch points where the organisation meets the audience. And that the experience delivered must be seamless and exponential, growing with each step.

My starting point for this argument is that museums need to overcome current silos that prevent a holistic approach to public offerings (such as relying too much on traditional formats, embracing strict professional boundaries and allowing territory-mindedness across departments). This in turn a prerequisite for adopting a “digital mindset”, which means among many other things thinking digital already from the very first stages of planning a museum experience (or even digital only), in order to cater for a growing potential audience online. Museum organisations are often still rigidly structured around collections, exhibitions, programming and education. …


Kajsa Hartig

Head of Collections and Cultural Environments at Västernorrlands museum. Proj. Manager at #collectingsocialphoto and chairman at

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