Great Expectations
H. Nemesis Nyx

H. Nemesis Nyx as always pain, rage and frustration formed into words. I can’t understand what is like to live in the US. But all you great writers through your writing gives us all a glimpse of how you experience it.

Your piece reminds of an old debate in Denmark between Hal Koch and Alf Ross. It was about what democracy is more precisely the status or role of the minority.

Ross saw elections as a battle for power. Where the minority had to no say on the majority. In others words to him democracy is majority rule.

Koch saw the role of the majority as being the leaders, but the minority had to be heard and included as much as possible in the decisions. Votes in parliament should be a last resort.

It is easy to see the The Democrats in Kochs views and The Republicans in Ross’. That’s is the root the challenges of democracy.

Ever since we all in the early twenty century got the right to vote the right wing has tried to manipulate us and the system, because there politics can’t help the majority of the voters. So we are deceived into voting for them. And the have used every year in power to move money and wealth from the masses to the few.

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