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Last thing first.

I write on Medium because none of you know me in IRL, so nothing will come back to haunt me. It is a safe haven. Maybe I won’t be as honest and open if me wife or friends read my pieces. I still have pieces in my dropbox I would dread me wife reading.

I write to make progres because else all me knowledge and ideas would run around in circles and just depress me.

2,5 years ago I was away on a one week course. One afternoon was a workshop on blogging. The main point was to tell great stories, so all participants had to tell a story. I told about my childhood and early adulthood afterwards we had to write it down and that was even more scary.

After i had written the story i thought what the hell and published it on facebook and got the most reads, shars and likes than anything i had shared or written earlier. That was the fundation for me writting.

Then 4 months late I was at another course. This time personal development. I had discovered Medium be then and startet a 30 day writting challenge held by Ryanmar and posted many of the pieces on the site.

That is how I started to write.

I have always loved stories both as a storyteller and a reader.

Another great thing about Medium is the people you are all great. Darn I have read some great pieces.

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