Thoughts about the genders and their differences

Men are stupid

The venture capitalist was doing a Q&A with some college students.

Student: “What is your biggest regret?”

VC: “Sometimes waiting too long.”

Student: “Why don’t you finance or employ more women?”

VC: “These things take time and I have only been at it for 4 years.”

I have read a study that companies with a diverse board or board of directors earn more money than companies with all-white male leadership are.

If you take these two points into account then the sure conclusion about men in leading positions are that they are stupid and only interest in holding onto their own power.

Men are pigs with double standards

Men dominate the public debate. The standard notion is that an unattached man is cool if he has multiple sexual partners and women with multiple sexual partners as designated with words like whore and worse.

Even worse successful businesswomen with good looks are often thought off as having slept their way to the top or being ice queens without interest in family and kids. The view of males in the same situation is much more positive. I cannot help myself to feel jealous and have some of the same thoughts when I see beautiful and successful women. We take it for granted that women take all the maternity leave (in Denmark it is around 1 year of them 3 to 4 is with full pay and for the rest of the time you get around 2400 USD a month). Employers have a tendency to pick men over women when they have the same qualifications, because women will properly have kids at some time during their career. In Denmark, you are not allowed to ask women at a job interview about her plans about family in the future. However, I have heard many saying they was asked just that.

That is just the challenges women face when trying to make a career.

22 % of female children in the ninth grade in Denmark have experienced unwanted sexual conduct. Then there is all the rapes and how we handle it in our justices system.

Languages of Women

Women always speak at least one languages more than men do. The Languages of the Giraffe is the secret of the women.

Examples of Giraffe speak.

Man: “Can I go into town with my buddies?”

Women: “No problem, even though I had planned something for us.”

The real question is do we understand them or are we making excuses for being selfish?

Bad Boy or Romantic Man

I think men are in general so starve of meaningful relations to women that every time a women takes the slightest interest in us we are in love. The Bad Boy has gotten over that point. Alternatively did not see the point to begin with. Of course, women choose these because they are not fragile idiots. In this world of first impressions we romantic no lookers do not stand a chance. If your wit and cunning is your greatest assets, you do not stand a chance.

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