The Evil Banality of “PharmaBitch”
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Why can’t we use any analogies from the nazi period? I know the standard response if you drag Hitler into the discussion you have lost. But what if it’s correct or meaningful?

We raise the nazi period to the height of evil. Totally ignoring the Stalin period in USSR. So all other actions pale in comparison. It’s like saying we have witnessed the most evil thing ever.

We haven’t.

Holly uses Eichmann to show us that it’s nothing new that people hide the fact that we have the possibility to say no. The company that owns the patent choose to raise the prices and should be held accountable.

We need a discussion about what areas people are allowed to make money from.

And healthcare is a task for the state at government run facilities. You shouldn’t be allow to make money of other people’s well being.

The argument against is that government run businesses are less innovative, that maybe be true. But the innovation isn’t govern by profit but ethics and moral. We are hearing of sicknesses that is been ignored in research, because the cure isn’t profitable. The R&D cost far outweigh the total earnings possible. That is the kind of research the government can and should do in some people’s opinion.

The government invented the Internet not the private sector.

In general if it’s been build the people it should stay with the people. It’s the only way to insure a good product at a reasonable price.

Thanks for a great inspiring piece Holly Wood.

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