The Precursor of A BullShitter

While sitting here, drinking a glass of wine, my thoughts are of ‘him’.

He said to me, “ Let’s spend time alone, this week”. We met to discuss our schedules. The next day came, and went. He became too “tired”, to meet me. I ask myself, is this mental abuse or am I just too ignorant to see the pattern? Am I trying to hard to be with someone who doesn’t care as he states he does?

He only makes time, when it benefits him. He is a major bullshitter, but, I fall each time.

I’m not insecure by any means. I am a well established Realtor, in California. But, he does take my breath away. I’ve become to realize, this bullshitting I no longer need in my life. “Pull away”, I say! So, I try and try, as I consume Kim Crawford. The Best wine ever!!

A great glass of wine, can only do so much. Especially when the bottle is just as empty as my heart.

Today, I move on to love myself more than some bullshit reason of staying with an insignificant man, called, ‘I wish’.

Time to find a great spa and eliminate the waste in my life!!!

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