97% of people won’t read this shit

It’s interesting that the definition of integrity includes having strong moral principles, especially since morals can be viewed as being a very subjective construct, varying from culture to culture, religion to religion, even person to person within the same cultures and religions. I’d just be happy with people having principles, even if morally different from my own, as long as they were consistent and honest about them.

Basically, if you know that someone is a snake, and they consistently act like one, then you can still trust them to never pretend to behave like a friendly pet, which will eventually end up biting you. It’s much easier and less stressful to deal with someone you don’t like, who has integrity, as opposed to someone you do, but who doesn’t. In fact, behaving according to your own nature and character, even if others don’t agree with it, or find it repulsive (just ask the snake), will probably give you your best chance at survival through life’s many challenges. We all are the way we are for good reason.

Do you agree? If you do, then share this onwards, but 97% of people won’t, because they lack the courage to walk their talk!

Actually, that was just total shit I pulled out of my ass to make you feel guilty, to tug at the strings of your self-esteem to make you act like a social media puppet, to manipulate your behaviour to increase my own feelings of superiority. However, I do apologize for not including a selfie with this post. Hey, I’m still on the steep upslope of the learning curve on how to be a legit influencer!

Seriously, do or don’t do whatever you want, because it feels right to you (with the caveat that you don’t intentionally try and hurt others with your actions or inactions). As long as you set the rinse and repeat setting of your mental washing machine to consistent, I’ll be more than happy to deal with you. Why? Well, simply because I’ll be able to trust you, even respect you, even if I hate your guts. Of course, I also need to make sure my own laundry gets clean, and that's an absolute bitch of a job.