Living your life on the run.

Beyond the hills, not far away, unseen my dreams remain.
To the highest crest, I run, and run still more,
my destiny, to reveal.

-“The highest Crest”

Being my first post on Medium, perhaps a quick introduction wouldn’t go astray to start things off. My name is Jyri Manninen, and I’m a coach and anti-fragilista. By those titles, I’m not even describing my profession so much, but more how I view and interact with the world around me at all times, even within my dreams. I’m also a runner, both literally and metaphorically, and by that I believe leading an active life, in both mind and body, is one of the key prerequisites to experiencing happiness on a regular basis.

The better we‘re able to retain, as we age, the heart of an innocent child, one that is yet to be infected and beat down into submission by stifling fear and doubt, the better we’re able to give our curiosity the legs it needs to explore, discover, experiment and learn, to keeping finding out more about the world and everything in it.

I believe being happy at any given moment is directly proportional to the quality of the things we’ve got to look forward to; but here’s THE thing - you can only experience them if you’re, in fact, moving forward! For this reason, I have chosen to live my life on the run. Through my recently published book of the same name, I hope to share this same message with as many people as possible, to try and remind them of the simple pleasures to be gained from life, such as pissing one’s name into the sand, as a child would, after a long day spent exploring and playing beyond the four walls of one’s house - in a magical world where time can stand still, if you really wish for it to be so.

Jyri Manninen

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