The Shake Maker: Pavel Angelov

Pavel Angelov adds some milk, three scoops of ice cream, and three Oreo biscuits to the blender and passionately presses the button on it. A minute later, Pavel starts hand-mixing the milk with the ingredients on his own.

“Sometimes I have to take care of the mixture with my old hands, adding the spindle of love, which mixers cannot add,” he says.

After pouring the shake into a plastic cup, Pavel decorates his milkshake with a healthy squirt of whipped cream, a biscuit, strawberry topping, and tiny sweets. “Here you go, Petya,” he says to the girl who reaches out for the shake. 
Pavel knows Petya’s name and the names of almost all of his customers. He has worked at his own fast food restaurant Paffy for six months. It is located next to a high school in Blagoevgrad.

Pavel’s favorite and most frequent activity during his work hours is making shakes. Every day he works for 12 hours. Sometimes he makes up to 60 shakes a day.

“I am not tired, really. I love making shakes for my customers, mainly students. I love talking to them. Every evening I go to bed and I just can’t wait for the new day to start, so that I can make people feel positive with my shakes and my smile,” he says.

Pavel’s passion to make shakes started when he was four years old after watching a cartoon in which the main characters drank shakes. Throughout the years, he has made a variety of shakes with strawberries, maraschino cherries, apples, caramel, and other fruit and toppings.

“What I love most about making shakes is that there is no wrong answer. For example, once I made a caramel-pretzel-chocolate-chip shake. It was a masterpiece,” Pavel says.

Pavel says he feels in harmony with himself. “I know it may sound strange, but I am living the dream. I know my job is not considered a high-quality one, but I simply love it,” he says. “And yes, happiness can come from a milkshake. Would you like me to make you one?”

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