Andela Bootcamp Day V

Today is the end of the first week of the boot camp. I have missed emotion because today some of the boot-campers wont be attending next week program. Today morning warm-up bonding activities were held at Kindaruma were Andela is planning to relocate. The place is more spacious than the current place. I am loving the morning bonding activities because it makes us feel part of the team.

Afterwards as usual we presented our research on the food for thought topic which was how to improve solution speed and efficiency . Prof Nandaa our session instructor guarded as through binary search and we got an opportunity to solve some programming problem.

During lunch we had a presentation from koech about his passion. Later we continued solving the programming problem. Afterwards some boot camper were informed of there fate.

Luckily I was chosen among the lucky few to continue with the program. I already feel as part of the Andela team ,Cant wait for next week.Thank you Andela for making me feel as part of the team already.

Kindly Regards


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