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Oct 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Online Course for Diabetology from BIRDEM. Certificate Course On Diabetology consists of 10 Modules. Check all the modules with a detail description.

Certificate Course on Diabetology Chapter-1

Chapter-2 Definition, presentation, diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus

Chapter-3 Aetiopathology of diabetes mellitus


  • General principles in the management of diabetes mellitus
  • General principles in the management of diabetes mellitus
  • Lifestyle modification in diabetes mellitus

Chapter-5 Drug therapy in diabetes mellitus

Chapter-6 Acute complications of diabetes mellitus

Chapter-7 Microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus

Chapter-8 Macrovascular complications of diabetes mellitus



  • Diabetes mellitus in special situations
  • Prevention of diabetes mellitus

Certificate Course on Diabetology Online General information

  • Printed learning materials will be provided to each student in a modular form.
  • There will be 10 modules in this course.
  • Each module will contain text and in-text activities for active learning by the student.
  • Tutorials will be conducted at RTCs and Tutor Marked Task will complete each module.
  • Two assignments marked by the tutor at the end of 5th and 10th modules [Tutor Marked Assignments- TMAs].
  • End-of-course student assessment will be done by the tutor [Tutor Marked Rating- TMR]
  • End Course Examination- ECE will be conducted centrally.

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