CoinDash, a New Social Portfolio Management Platform with Trade Sharing Revenue

In the heat of cryptocurrency market and social media world, CoinDash try to combine the ideas of those two. The team of CoinDash created a portfolio management platform for cryptocurrency, which is using an information sharing structure between users. The platform is highlighting trade-sharing revenue as one of their advantages.

In CoinDash platform, user will not only get a comprehensive investment management tools but also the possibility to follow and to be followed by the other traders. By following the other traders and investors, user will be able to see followed trader’s portfolios, monitor aggregated performance, and copy the ICO trading smart contract. On the other hand, users who agree to be followed could gain reward by sharing their trading information.

With this platform, trading in cryptocurrency market would be easier for new comers because they could just follow the reputable traders and copy their trading. Although there would be risk on every investment, the risk is lower when you follow reputable traders as they have more knowledge, skills, and experiences. For the experienced traders, this platform will give them way to collect revenue more.

Apart of reward, the platform will charge fee for any feature that will give financial value to the user. Both reward and fee would be calculated based on the platform’s token, which is called CDT (CoinDash Token). CoinDash is a platform work on Ethereum and CDT is based on ERC20 cryptocurrency.

CDT will be solely issued by smart contract and implemented on Ethereum blockchain immediately. The plan of CoinDash team is to create 1 billion of CDT on the token sale. From the token created, 50% of it would be allocated for token sale contributors, 29% would be minted for future development, users acquisition, and marketing, while the rest 20% would be for core team, early investors, and advisors.

Due to the innovative ideas, CoinDash product is in high demand. Unfortunately, an incident occurred when they open the token sale to public. The website is hacked and CoinDash Token Sale address was replaced by malicious address. As the result, ETH from more than 2000 investors was sent to the wrong address and 37,000 ETH was reported stolen. CoinDash team immediately shut down the website and took action to investigate the incident. They also work on to compensate the contributors who sent ETH to fraudulent address. The CDT amount would be given to the attack victims.
CoinDash team continues to work hard and improve their product. They promise to update the community on daily basis and create the future of trading.