Safety and Security of SONM platform

Internet of Everything (IoE) has been developed in order to support new platform in the realm of cloud service. Rather than put massive amount of data in single cloud service, the Internet of Everything serve users by creating decentralization of cloud services. That means all data in internet will be stored in various devices, making them to be more efficient in terms of data management and cost efficiency. SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining) is one platform that represent the development of IoE.

We are talking about a multi-agent system here, in which each user can use smart-contracts and intelligent agents to maximize profit. With one-click settings, one can choose one project manually. It means one can set a specific automatization level easily without the need to hire IT specialist. Up to this point, one profitable project can be picked automatically by the SONM system. This is just an example of how SONM system works to enhance efficiency of cloud services. Any project which is picked up by the system allow user to work with it and then receive payouts later. A support from dedicated server isn’t needed, and therefore the network won’t need specific set up as well. Yes, you might think it is self-learning system and it’s true.

Question about Safety

The system is indeed self-leaning, but is it safe for most users? SONM system is basically created with support from anonymity tools like TOR, VPN, and proxy. Although seemed to be utopist, but the system can’t be used for hacking. For computational power buyers and miners, the system provides most efficient task solution, while at the same time there is also intelligent agent which able to do self-education for its system. The agent works using neural networks which in essence will keep malicious users away from the main system. When it comes to free market for computing power exchange, SONM would actually become the smartest choice.

Malicious users and hub will be rejected by miners and buyers because they have bad reputation. With decentralized computing system became the main idea of IoE, SONM to be the largest, cheapest, and smartest computing system with strong rules in terms of loyalty and morality. This is possible thanks to SONM’s self-learning intelligent agents and reputation system.

In short, when you are asking whether SONM safe of not, we should reply “yes, it is safe for most users”. But some of you might still ask: how this safety feature works to protect the system?

How the Safety Feature works

There is Docker isolation, involving the use of a daemon which becomes a part of the docker’s software packages. This is basically a tool which give permission to user to control the containers and modus through the command line interface. A REST-style program is available to, consisting of API which give permission to control the containers. Each container has root, therefore the daomen will isolate container which doesn’t have authority (it only gives access to the container’s own file system) and access to a network with names tied directly specified for it.

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