Build a $100M business on Airbnb
Alex Kistenev

Airbnb pivots and needs other this was not the case before

Proposing the unsold rooms of the tenants, every day could increase the grow both.

I had another idea also! Make and give a new traveling experience completely different in the font and the form.

Creat a moving hotel via a bus and revisit completely the way of travel.

First: the bus leaves from a city to arrive another city

Second: you can sleep in the true bed in a bus 🚌 so you visit 2 city in one travel, and a capsule hotel is very fun to experiment

Third: any legislation like it’s the case even right now. For Airbnb the road is public ahah.

Forth: conversation and conviviality ensured is not still the case inside an Airbnb or hotel even less in the train or a car:)

Fifth and last: the grow of digital nomad and traveler will explode with underlaying that we know!anyone seek a real true user experience and not only catching the keys and talking 5 min…

We want real things

If a guy/woman with 200K€ minim to buy the bus is ready I’m will for that in mode chatbot of course for the reservation and the rest….