Naruto Online Tips: How to be Stronger.

Hey guys My name is Ronald but you all may know me by @kakashii on my server. But that’s not the point, The point is to teach you guys my ways on how to be stronger in power.

OK let’s start with Tip #1

First: One of the most important things on the game are Magatamas and not many people have come to realize that. So if you have coupons the only thing that you should be buying is Magatamas. Here are some more tips on how to use them adequately.

Have in mind that this tips are for having the highest power at your level.
Also if you for example have only one lvl 4 life magatama put it on your main. Because he’s probably the best ninja on your squad and will always be.
On my main I want to prioritize the higher magatams on attack and Ninjutsu first because he’s a DPS and that’s what’s better form him. Because you are not going to have tons and tons of Magatamas that you can just throw away. With Sasuke you can do the same because he’s a DPS too.( By prioritize I don’t mean just fill the ninjutsu and attack and leave the others open, by this time every character should have lvl 3 or higher Magatamas.)
Next It’s Hinata and she’s a Tank as everyone should know. So what you want to prioritize on tanks is life, defense and resistanse. So make sure you put all your level 3 magatams on your tank on those spots first. Then you can fill the other spots after you set up the strongest spots of every ninja.
Next up in my line up is Guy and he’s kind of a DPS too but I also prioritize life on him and I will tell you why just below if you continue reading…Also if you have a healer you should be focusing on Ninjutsu and maybe life and resistance if you want.
use mood to see best stats.
You can also go to Moods to have an idea of what are the best attributes of your ninjas. That’s why I decided to make guy’s life on of the priorities

Now onto Tip #2

Second: Contributions or Group Skills are very important for yourself and for your Group, raising skill points greatly increases power, Here I will let you with a picture of the order in which you should be maximizing them.

After you finish with the greens start with the yellows and then for last red. Why? because greens give the most power, then yellows and then reds.

Also don’t waste your money on strengthen equipment due to it being very expensive and doesn’t rise up your power like group skills. You should be donating your coins and upgrading your skills points instead.

here is my stats, as you see I don’t use that very often.

Ready for Tip #3

Third: Increase the power of your gear, is not difficult, you must gather the materials given in each mission and so you can gain power and improve the stats of your ninjas. so here is a little tip, When you are stuck in one level and you will be for many times, you should waste all your stamina on upgrading gear due to not being able to do anything else.

Have in mind what I said before with the Magatamas so you have the same priority with the gear. For example my Main is a DPS so I upgrade first the Ninjutsu or Scroll and Attack.

Moving on to Tip #4

Fourth: Make Daily Survival Trial and Arena, arena can give you coupons to buy magatamas when you rank up and survival trial gives coins so you can donate to your group. Participating in events like Nine Tails, Sage Ninja War and Great Ninja War can give you good rewards too, so make sure to participate on those. Also Plunder and Convoy, Daily quests and bounty's. It wouldn’t make sense to add a photo here.

Tip #5 and Last

Fifth: when you make it to lvl 50 you are going to receive summons and there’s a good tip that will help you increase your power faster once you reach that situation. 
 Instead of wasting all the 10 tries to capture 3 summons, waste all of them on 10 different summons because you get runes every time 
you capture a summon for the first time. That way you can have runes for all your 3 active summons.

So that make it to the end of this Guide or Tutorial, I hope it’s of help to you guys. Peace out.