‘”Japanese education rank improved’” according to OECD’s pisa test.

OECD has presented education ranking of 2016. Japanese education rank is the second rank in the pisa test.

According the ariticle, which made by OECD, Singapore is the best education in the world. Pisa test has three subjects such as Litelacy and Science and Mathmtics. Singapore got first prise every subjects.

As I noticed, The second best education is Japan. Recently, Japan could not get great result. However, We got great result in this year. I would like to tell you the reason why Japan improved the education quarity again. Recently, Japan has changed education system. Before this improvemet, Japan took new the education system which called ‘Yutori’ education. It is not stressful education. Student had a lot of free time. As you know, Japanese test for entering university is really diffcult and stressful for students. Students who want to go university after high school have to studay for 10 hours per day.’(It’s average time.’) Becouse of hard working, Some Student give up and hate to study any subjects.

So, Ministly of education changed the system of education for Students. However, Many Students didn’t want to study. Even though, they don’t have to study long time. And also, Japanese education rannking decreasing because of this cricumstance. So, Japan decided to make Japanese education great again. After that, Japanese students.have to be hard working. That’s why Japan could improve the rank of pisa test.

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