We live in a Globalization. Not Amerikanization.

I have watched a ted talks which tells me circumstance of the world tension. Most of institution was built by The united states. Big global company too.

Nowadays, The U.S. gradually can’t lead the world. And also, G20 doesn’t work, Even G7 doesn’t work. The reason that Global power balance is changing. China has got economic power already. E.U has many issue such as economic crisis, refugee crisis, Brixit crisis and so on. Moreover, Asian country seems great situation. However, These countries don’t want to become the world leader. They hope long time economic stability. On the other hand, Russia want to lead the world as a World leader. In conclude, We live in “G Zero world” Every countries can lead the world, Even African country. So, Time is changing, The world is drastically changing. We don’t know whether it will be good or bad. It’s time to think and start something.

“Americanization and globalization have basically been the same thing for the last several generations. But the US’s view of the world — and the world’s view of the US — is changing. In a fast-paced tour of the current state of international politics, Ian Bremmer discusses the challenges of a world where no single country or alliance can meet the challenges of global leadership and asks if the US is ready to lead by example, not by force.”(https://www.ted.com/talks/ian_bremmer_how_the_us_should_use_its_superpower_status)

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