November 24, 2011

Great to see Malala Yousafzai, a 14 year old Pushtun girl from the war torn Swat valley, being nominated for the prestigious international Peace award. Malala Yousafzai is the first Pakistani child who has been nominated for the Peace award on Universal children’s day, albeit she could not win it and this year, a child Michaela Mycroft (17) from South Africa, was rewarded with the Children’s Peace Prize.
 But it is really heart-wrenching that the hostile hawks in Pakistani media, with hidden motives, have already started using this innocent girl for projecting their own assigned-tasks in reward for huge amounts of dollars. It was really disgusting to see Hamid Mir, anchor of a famous talk show( Capital Talk ) in Geo News, using her in projecting his new assigned-task of projecting SOFT IMAGE OF UNITED STATES and CHANGING PERCEPTION ABOUT AMERICA. After critically analyzing his last few programs, one can easily make out, what the AGENT is up-to. In his show (regarded as soap opera in Pakistan as it shows the real faces of Pakistani politicians — howling at each others, leaving behind all the norms of a civilized society at their splendid houses and big bullet-proof cars and with the highly-paid host busy in playing a catalytic role — passing cynical smiles after making them fight) 0n 24 November 2011, Hamid Mir interviewed Malala Yusafzai. He asked her about her favourie personalities in politics and alongwith Benazir Bhutto, she also, surprisingly, took the name of US President B.H.Obama but she gave very confused statement and could not support her idea of liking him. Anybody could have easily guessed that she was given a pre-orchestrated script, as the program was telecasted LIVE. The moment, she took his name and finished conversation, the anchor showed a Fox News video clip showing US president bowing in respect to Saudi King while meeting him.
 Fox News being extreme anti-Obama, criticized him for doing so and said that B.H.Obama is bowing to a Muslim Leader and presenting an image to the Islamic World that he is subservient to them. The presenter went on to say that President Obama “wants them ( the Muslim) to like us and the Muslim world may think that they are winning because of terrorism, that we are a little coward”. Albeit, the video was made by Fox News to malign Obama but they were unaware of the fact that this video, if played in Islamic World will completely send an altogether different signal and will considerably increase Obama’s ratings. One of the guest on the program, Brigitti Gabriel, on asking about what signal did it send to the Muslim World, said,”It sends the message that Islam is superior to any other master or King or President in the World. That an American President bows to a Muslim King, it also sent a message that terrorism and Jehadism is giving Islam, the respect it should have on the World’s stage, to the point that it made an American President, for the first time in history, bow to a Muslim King — something he did not do few days ago in England (to British Queen)”.
 Now my simple question is that how did Hamid Mir predicted that Malala is going to take the name of B.H.Obama and then he will be required to jump into the foray, in order to rescue her by showing the softer image of Obama to the Pakistanis by telling them, “Hey-listen, he is not that bad-a-guy, after all he bowed to the Saudi King”. Insiders, who has some know-how of how the murkey games in the intelligence world are played, how any form of propaganda is slowly and un-noticeably infused into novice minds and how opinions are formed, can easily guess the now-a-days-mission at Hamid Mir’s hands. He has conducted two earlier programs of Us ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, and gave him full opportunity of putting forward American point of view on different burning issues. Claiming to be a big advocate of STOPPING DRONE ATTACKS ON INNOCENT PASHTUNS, he, to everybody’s surprise did not ponder on the issue and easily let him evade the question without stating anything clearly.

But one could not have imagined that he would go to such an extent in his quest for changing Pakistani public perspective about America — his new assigned-task, by using an innocent and novice girl, who has just become a source of pride for the beleaguered Pashtun Nation.

Originally published at kakhangandapur.blogspot.com on October 19, 2016.

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