Birdfie: an intelligent selfie app for birds

Chris Lam
Chris Lam
Apr 21 · 2 min read
How do birds take selfies ? By using this AI-powered app !


Birds are cute.

There is research evidence that watching birds is good for human’s mental health.

A quick search on Instagram reveals that there are 18 million photos associated with #birds alone.

I think it is fair to say people love bird photos.

However, traditionally, taking pictures of wild birds requires a lot of patience.

This makes bird photography restricted to a small group of people.

I want to change that.

So, I make this app, Birdfie.

Thanks to the advancement in machine learning, Birdfie can autonomously perform the following tasks: detect the presence of birds and take photos accordingly, identify birds, and blur the background after localizing the main object of interest.

It is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for FREE. No Ads.

Here is a demo.

3 ways to use Birdfie

There are three different ways to use Birdfie.

1. Close-up photos

You can attach your smartphone close to the window.

This is a convenient way to take photos of birds visiting bird feeders close to your windows.

Close-up photo

2. Photos through a small telescope

You can attach your smartphone to a small telescope.

This helps you to take photos of birds in most area of your backyard.

Photo through a small telescope

3. Photos through a large telescope

You can attach your smartphone to a large telescope.

This helps you to take photos from far away when you take photos of birds outdoor.

Photo through a large telescope

Final words

I hope you find this app fun.

But more importantly, I hope that it motivates you to love and protect birds and our environment more.

Where birds thrive, people prosper.

Chris Lam

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Chris Lam

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