The college entrepreneurs

It was a usual day. Woke up. Got ready for class. Headed to main campus. Being a second semester senior felt good. A lot of the academic struggle was now over, I had found a job and now it was just smooth sailing until graduation.

One small thought changed it all. I wanted to do something more. I wanted to do something new. Something exciting. BOOM. An idea. And I still wonder was is it fun to pursue this idea?

So what was this idea? Thousands of texts. Tons of phone calls. Many kilometres walked. All for what? Finding the perfect party? So this was my idea-why not create an app for college students that allows you to create and find the best parties on campus.

And we did just that. Shaun, another international student from Zimbabwe, and I created Kups. The college app that allows you find and create the best parties on campus.

Was it a struggle? Hell yes. Tons of nights trying to find the perfect experience for the user while all my friends are playing video games and hanging out. My mind is never at rest anymore. All that goes through it is HOW DO I IMPROVE THE APP? MAYBE I SHOULD TELL THIS PERSON ABOUT KUPS. MAYBE THAT ONE. “Hey, Shaun, can we code this, can we code that?” I’m sure Shaun goes through the same experience as well. Coding, coding, coding. It’s taken over our lives? Remember when we used to be simple college kids?

So what’s the status on Kups? We think we have a great idea and launched V 1.02 on the App Store on Saturday. Nervous, scared and shaking we introduced it to the world. How’s it been so far? FIFTY USERS. FIFTY FULL USERS. Never expected that. Elated and excited at my first start up idea, we continue to share our idea to college students.

Have we had problems? Yup, yup, yup. Why isn’t the vibe feature working? Why aren’t the cups stacking? Phone calls, texts, “OMG I LOVE THIS,” “hey dude can you change my profile” “hey can you add this feature in there.” Non-stop feedback. But I love that feedback. Shows us people are engaged and excited about our app.

Where we’re going…Kups Version 1.03 coming out tonight or tomorrow hopefully with all these bug fixes. Has it been an angelic dream to see what we have built on the app store? Hell yes. Has it been a nightmare of stress working day and day out, thinking about the app in class, while walking to the dining hall, after finishing soccer practice? Yup.

But will I keep doing it? Yup. Once something becomes your passion, it’s so hard to let go. Don’t know what will happen next, but we’re super excited.

Check out our app on the iStore-

This is our fb page-

Feedback, comments, criticism on the app would be much appreciated.

Ambar Kakkar

Senior, Grinnell College Economics Major

Kups Co- Founder.