5 Secrets of Design Thinking


Empathy is the “foundation of the human centered design process”. When designing, you as a creator, should try and think and feel for the audience you are going for. Take a look at them and getting a feel for what they are interested in. This will help you make the best decisions on your design.


The audience wants to have something that is clearly laid out. You should look back on what you have observed to make the best design. The audience is going to want to see the thing that they can relate to and understand.


Your first design may not be the best, so you should create some alternatives. If there are many different designs then you can pick the one that is best. While working on other designs, you could also find some stuff to add to your original to make it even better. You want to use your best design for the next step!


This should be the fun part. Your visions can become reality here. During this process of creating a tangible design, you can get a feel of what is going to work and what isn’t. The work you put in here will help your design be successful.


During this step, you want to see how the audience feels about your design. They are going to give you the best feedback. Your design can improve from the feedback given, and then you can put the design to the next level. Hopefully after this step you will have completed your design, but if not there is always the opportunity to go back and make the changes needed.

If everything goes right after using these steps, hopefully you can develop the next big thing the world needs.