I ruptured my Achilles... No Biggie

“Happy Birthday Kiara!” The day started off so well. I awoke that morning to the tone of text alerts on my phone with Happy Birthday wishes from friends, family, and of course those unknown stranger danger #s to which typically prompt a response like, “Thanks! I lost all my contacts, who is this?”

There I was, standing in the mirror, not really bright-eyed but definitely bushy-tailed. I was even more pleased to find that I had some slight definition in my abs. Woohoo! What more could a 28 year old ask for? I gave some love to my puppy — who might I add, is a 3 year old 90 lb. boxer — and headed out the door to work…still bushy-tailed. Four-thirty came around and I left the office excited for my… okay let me stop there. I feel really weird when I say “my birthday” because you should know, I have an identical twin sister, Sade. We are super close — pretty much besties, but not in a creepy twin kind of way.

That being said, if I say our birthday or our anything for that matter without referencing Sade, I am referring to my sister and I.

Anywho, where was I? Oh yes! I hopped on the road home to make it in time for our birthday dinner with my boyfriend and her fiancé. Dinner was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed stuffing my face with carbs! #itsmybirthday #illstarttomorrow

After dinner, we rushed off to our indoor soccer game. It was an easy win and it was time to head on home for some late night cake and ice-cream. On the way out the door we were asked to play another game.. I really didn’t want to play, but I did. And that’s where it all happened…

“POP!” The loudest popping noise I’d ever heard, although I still don’t know if I actually heard it or if I just felt it. What happened? I was just sprinting to the ball. It felt like someone had kicked me in the back of the ankle, but no one else was in sight. I searched the back of my shoes thinking the sole had busted, but my shoe was intact. What the heck just happened??

Now, do me favor… Ready? Run your hand down the back of your calf all the way to your heel. Do you feel your Achilles? Well, I did the same… except my Achilles was no longer there. In shock, I tried to take a step, but it literally felt like there was no ground beneath my foot. Needless to say, Sade and I spent the rest of our 28th birthday in the ER.

There goes our Birthday weekend plans. There goes my Memorial Day weekend trip to Vegas, which I had just booked earlier that day by the way. I’m going to get fat. I’m going to lose all my muscle. My life is over. IT’S THE END OF THE FRIGGIN’ WORLD! Blah blah blah…Woe is me, right?

This was on a Wednesday and by Friday I was sitting in an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I had completely ruptured my left Achilles tendon aka tore, split, broke, shredded that bad boy. SHE GONE [pronounced shi-gon’]! In fact, it had rolled up my calf. Yes, I welcome you to cringe with me.

A week later I was in surgery and had it repaired on March 10th. I took 10 days off of work and was in a splint for 3 weeks. I was then placed in a boot with heel wedges for another 3 weeks and began to progress from non-weight bearing to partial-weight bearing. And now at 8 weeks post-op, I am full weight-bearing in a “moon” boot — yes I call it a moon boot.. seriously, don’t they resemble?

FYI. This injury is not common, especially in women my age. My doctor and physical therapist say it was just “unlucky”, but I do wonder if there were some other contributing factors. Those turf fields can be so unforgiving.

But here I am representing the 1:20 female to male ratio of people who suffer…experience this injury.

You should know that fitness has played a big part in my life for the last 25 years. I’ve played soccer since I could walk, through college and still today! Well.. not today, but you know what I mean. I am an athlete, and I work out pretty vigorously and love every minute of it. So as you can imagine, this was a pretty major road block. What’s life without fitness and being active? It’s my therapy to a tough day. It’s celebration to a good day. It’s my every day!

“Don’t sweat the small stuff...”

But is it really that bad? Is this really a road block? I mean yeah, it may have temporarily blocked me from hopping on the stair climber at the gym, but I think a better way to describe it is a small speed bump.

We all do it! We all sweat the small things #firstworldproblems. If you don’t, I applaud you and hope to be like you when I grow up. Tomorrow is not promised to you, me or anyone else.

I could easily sulk in self-pity for the next couple months and miss out on my blessings, or I could keep moving and take something away from it. This does not stop my ability to breathe, my ability to love, or my ability to live.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count!”

That being said, I quickly accepted my situation. I refused to let this speed bump control my happiness. The truth of the matter is, my situation is only temporary. I WILL walk again, I WILL run again, and I WILL play soccer again — whew, that was a tough one to admit!

We kept all of our fabulous Birthday weekend plans. I am the leanest I’ve been all year. My muscle definition is making a fantastic comeback. I am still going to Vegas, even if it is on a scooter (FYI approx. $100 on Amazon #yourewelcome #gamechanger #happybirthdaytome). My life is not over, and it is certainly not the end of the friggin’ world. Although, some may argue differently considering the current political climate, but I won’t get in to that one…

This is not an injury that I have suffered, it is one that I am experiencing. Most of my life I have been extremely over-reactive and dramatic when met with obstacles, but the most beautiful thing that I have found in this experience is growth. And for that, I am so thankful.

No, this isn’t the toughest thing I’ve been through, but it doesn’t make it easy. Some of you reading this may be experiencing this injury and some of you may just be experiencing a different kind of storm of your own. We all go through trials, but I challenge you to find joy and growth in the journey. I’ll leave you with this quote that I recently wrote:

“We often feel buried in our trials, but flowers need dirt to grow… so grow hunny, grow!” -Me

Until next time. Toodies!