Miss you mom need you.

You appeared in my dream last night..I couldn’t recognize you..because you looked older..I was scared, it seemed like..this would become my reality.

Before I left, I promised you as I held you

I said I would build a house and wait for you..should’ve just aged but….why did you age so beautifully?

Not making me able to recognize you, my mischievous mom…
I missed you like crazy but couldn’t see you my loveI i can go anywhere and boldly say, you are my pride

Your smile in the photo is the knife that cuts through the sadness…You became my dream, now what time do you wanna come? Tell meI’ll pick you up, my earnest person..

I hope my remaining footsteps..Will come to me tonight!!!!

At the end of this moment of running…No limit gon touch the sky…

For me, who has been dreaming…Tonight, throw it away At the end of this moment of running..

No limit gon touch the sky

Giving up my youth, I ran barefoot for 20 years

After saying a heartless goodbye…to my family and friends..Living each day, always nervous about tomorrow!!

I told them to trust me, that i will succeed for sure..

With the weight of not just my life but there others on my shoulders, looking for chances!!!

I had no choice but to throw away the pressure and failures

Now I want to see the light so I put my future on the line..The gods asked me if I wasn’t gonna regret this But I answer without hesitating,

why would I regret?

What’s left behind this sitaution is either success or failure..

I put my everything on the line and there is no next time.My determination has no choice but to be different from others..Even if this is my last time

I will smile without regrets

I hope my remaining footsteps..Will come to me tonight

At the end of this moment of running
For me, who has been dreaming Tonight, throw it away..At the end of this moment of running..

In the passing time..The memories become remembered.

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