A not-so scientific #PHVote social media report
Kakuei Araral

Updating as promised. One month one day to go to national elections. Added 7–11’s 7-Election to this snap report. No surprise that #Duterte still dominates proportionally. Conversations about #Poe have suspiciously ramped up from 190k to 354k. If you ask me, the spike is a strong sign of paid activity. The best indicator of real sentiment is the conversion to sales in 7-Election. Remember, Google and 7–11 have correctly predicted a #Pnoy win in 2010. Facebook shows the same trends but sorts out suspicious behavior.

Google search trends.


Duterte still leads by as much as 300%.

Facebook page likes.


Duterte’s ER down by 19% but still dominant at 23%. Poe gains 5%. Binay loses 5% while Mar gains 2%. This does not reflect sentiment however, just conversations about the candidates.

Social Bakers.


Duterte still leads by almost 2,000 new fans over Poe. There is a new non-political page emerging: Pepeng Malupit.



Bonus. Including this in our weekly update. Sales mirror Facebook conversations and Google search trends. Offline validation of online activity.

See you next week!