How to Become an Insanely Good Writer, According to Stephen King
Elle Kaplan

Thank you for your sharing.

I wrote a lot in my life, although I am not a professional writer. I started editing (and did most of the writing) of a bi-weekly Social Entrepreneurs Newsletter since June 2007 and it is now in its 182th issue.

I have published over ten books in my career as a management consultant. Recently I started another book project. This time I tried to do it in a different way, Blog-a-Book, i.e. I blog the contents of the book and share it with around 100 readers (initially) and plan to have the book completed within a year.

I wrote three blogs up to this moment and it has been a most rewarding experience. I received a lot of feedback (total 10) from readers but they are all great feedback. I included some of them as c0-authors of the book. The title of the book is Lean Startup for Social Impact: Strategies for New and Established Businesses to Create a Better World.

I am 69 years old and I am still learning how to write for impact. Any suggestions or advice from you and your readers will be greatly appreciated.

If anyone is interested in receiving my blogs, please drop me a note at

By the way, I was born in Hong Kong and am still living in Hong Kong.

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