Staging: The one thing common in every Rocket

Serial Staging
  1. Serial Staging –
Parallel Staging
  • R-7 Sputnik by the Soviet Union is the 1st rocket to use staging and put a satellite in space orbit.
  • All orbital rockets to date are multi-staged.
  • Weight & Cost –
  • Nozzle Size -
PSLV-C51 Staging
  • The death of most 3, 4 and 5 stage rockets can be seen because staging adds points of failure. Falcon 1 test launch-3 failed due to a problem in the staging event; if the 4th mission would also have failed, we would not have SpaceX today. We can see simpler two-stage designs more now like the recently launched RH-560 by ISRO on March 12, 2021.
  • Newer rockets prefer serial staging over parallel staging as it is more economical. We can see the New Glenn and Starship rockets using only serial staging.
  • With the development of ‘Aerospike Engines’ (It is a type of rocket engine that maintains its aerodynamic efficiency across a wide range of altitudes.) and other technologies, reusable SSTOs (Single-Stage-to-Orbit) can be brought to use in the future. Such engines vanish the different nozzle size requirements that lead to staging. These also require less fuel than the traditional ones, thus reducing mass.
  • The Indian ‘Avatar’ Spaceplane is a concept study for a robotic single-stage reusable spaceplane by DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization).
  • Skylon, a series of concept designs for a reusable single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane by the UK would probably enter into service by 2022.




I am an Engineering Student trying to share the journey of my learning.

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I am an Engineering Student trying to share the journey of my learning.

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