IP focused blockchain solution

How long does it take to file a patent? It is one of the most daunting questions every patent applicant has. Irrespective of how simple the question appears to be, the answer to this is anything but straightforward.

It depends on country in which the patent application has been filed, field of technology to which the patent application relates and what Steps taken to expedite the patenting process.

Let’s look at the US as an example. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it takes about 22 months to get patent approval after going through the steps to file a patent. Also, application for a patent in a high-traffic field such as computer software can take twice as long.

The issue is that several IP filings must encounter manual audit. In the fast moving industries it is crucial to register your patent before anyone else would, which can be difficult to get your patent approved by these centralised patent agencies and other regulatory authorities. By replacing centralized registration systems with decentralized ones, it will be easier to not only register new IP but also update filings and transfer ownership at any time. The blockchaining of Intellectual property will provide an ease of registering or searching a patent, and provide users with complete transparency. This will quicken the patenting process so that the innovators can move forward with their innovations that are protected by IP law.


An open source distributed ledger framework for intellectual property rights management, upon which users can search, register and sort specific patent applications and inventions. Using hyperledger as an IP registry may give clarity to copyright innovators and users. The kakushin’s Hyperledger based IP management will verify the uniqueness of idea/concept with tamper-proof evidence of ownership.