Kakushin Extends ICO untill September 30, 2018

After Discussion with the community and team members, we have decided to extend our ICO for 45 more days. Evaluating the current situation, monitoring the pace of collection, with raising funds, and attracting large investors and funds can develop in the most unpredictable manner. We have also received advice from various industry experts that lead us to this course of action. To ensure that we get maximum opportunity for success, we’ve decided to extend the End Date.

This month with Kakushin’s presence at International blockchain congress, hyderabad, did a huge job — We’ve collected more than $100,000 after IBC, which is undoubtedly a very good indicator. Recently Kakushin has been in discussion with some private companies about possible investment/partnership opportunity. A lot of investors declared their intention to participate in the project, This process requires some time and a lot of discussions.

The Decision is taken after our CEO, Chandan Indoria address the community with the plan to extend the ICO.

Statement from the CEO

Hello Community!
The mid of August has come, the ICO deadline has come, and today I would like to talk to you again. To tell you about the current situation, our plans and, as usual, to thank you for the trust and help in the development of our Kakushin Platform.
Despite not a very long time, along with you we have come a long way. Our idea of ​​creating an ecosystem for innovators utilizing blockchain technology and providing end-to-end solution for innovation, day-by-day, is becoming more and more clear. A large team of like-minded people working, the situation is constantly being analyzed, our task remains the same — to make such a product for the people that will be easy, convenient and profitable to use without having specific knowledge, but having quite specific needs.
As you all certainly know, in March this year, one of the most important stages of the development of our project — the ICO stage — started. We have recently attended International blockchain Congress at Hyderabad, which turns out to be favorable for Kakushin. Despite all the difficulties that have arisen, now we have collected more than $100,000 after IBC, which is undoubtedly a very good indicator. However, we, and all of you, understand that this amount is to fulfill all the ideas of the road map, i.e. Implementation of the platform in full, unfortunately, is not enough.
we completely understand that simple investors and, to a greater extent, owners of large capitals, first of all, are the same people as ourselves, and try to minimize their own risks, they also wait for the stabilization of the course, they also make sure how much it is possible in this sphere, in the correctness of its own decision.
We recently had tie-up with Credits platform and had added Credits Token in our payment methods, also we had added Eos as a payment option in our platform, in order to target a strong community of ICO and crypto enthusiasts, and both entities will benefit from cross-linking their communities.
During the IBC trip, several major investors declared their intention to participate in the project via the ICO, The participation of major corporate investors would have a positive effect on the project’s growth. Their investments will allow the fund to purchase the most promising assets, which will permit it to reach the goals outlined in the road map much sooner. All of the investors will benefit from this, since their revenue will grow along with the value of the assets.
Proceeding from all the above and the coming positive dynamics on all issues, we find it quite obvious and, it seems to us, the only correct decision in this situation would be to extend the ICO
Kakushin CEO
Chandan Indoria

We say a big thank you for your understanding and support up until this point and beyond. wish all of us wisdom in solving the tasks facing us, new creative and business achievements, and, of course, good luck!

New ICO end date = 30 september, 2018.12 Noon UTC.

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