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Oct 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Kakushin (KKN), a decentralised innovation and intellectual property-driven ecosystem, has listed on SingularX Exchange, yesterday. The kkn token began trading at singularX with ETH trading pair.

SingularX is a decentralized exchange running on top of the Ethereum Network. The project is still in Beta but is live and seems quite interesting. Actually, SingularX is intended as a peer-to-peer marketplace for ERC20 tokens, as well as tokenized intellectual property.

Another fact worth noting is that users of this platform don’t need to register an account. Instead, they simply have to (install and) connect their MetaMask (or Parity) wallet to the exchange.

SingularX Advantages

Decentralized exchange

On of the main strong sides of SingularX is, of course, its decentralized nature. As you may know, dealing with a centralized exchange always involves some risk of hacking or dishonesty on the part of the owners of the exchange.

Unlike centralized exchanges, which manage users’ assets (and private keys), decentralized ones only facilitate cryptocurrency trading on a distributed ledger.

No deposit/withdrawal fees

SingularX does not charge deposits and withdrawals, there are only small gas fees for miners on the Ethereum network, depending on the token traded. In addition, Meta Mask users can bring down their Gas Price cost through the Plug-in.

You can start putting your buy or sell bids on the following pairs: https://ex.singularx.com/exchange/KKN/ETH

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