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Reflecting on our start-up journey and HUD debut at CES on our 1st anniversary. Post adapted from REYEDR company newsletter 18 Jan, 2017.

Hope you had a good break over the holidays!

Although Team REYEDR didn’t, as we were heading to CES, we had an amazing experience which I would love to share with you in this short post.

Driving into the bright lights of Las Vegas with Team REYEDR on Jan 4 at 1am, after a four plus hour drive from Los Angeles, while thinking of the exciting days ahead at CES 2017 and the imminent debut of our REYEDR HUD, I was also reflecting on our start-up journey over the last year.

After Lightning Lab (accelerator program 2016), we secured our first round funding along with Callaghan Innovation R&D grant. Over the last couple of months we had been tirelessly developing our HUD for debut in our main market USA. The scope of this project is staggering: besides Team REYEDR we have three external teams of collaborators in NZ and offshore, and a similar number of sub-contractors.

To debut at CES, there was no slack at all in the schedule, with developments happening in parallel. Electronic boards and firmware updates had arrived only a couple of days before, whereas optics were fine-tuned only the previous day. Everything had been tested separately but today, the moment of truth! Would everything fit together and work before pitch tonight?

Tech.Co Startup Pitch night, Jan 4

REYEDR was 1 of 15 companies selected for Tech.Co Startup Pitch night, from amongst 600 start-ups exhibiting at CES. A sigh of relief when the HUDs were turned on and we could view the virtual images! Some bugs still needed to be fixed though.

REYEDR booth at CES 2017

These were sorted using proven #8 wire methodologies in the wee hours of our CES debut on Jan 5. At CES the response and validation we received was overwhelming; the REYEDR HUD was also featured in the CES daily on Jan 6.

REYEDR HUD in CES daily Jan 6

We were able to validate both our initial go to market B2C strategy and subsequent B2B play as well. Our booth received a steady stream of visitors from the automotive sector, potential collaborators and attendees who were passing by and stopped for demos, as they happened to be motorcyclists.

Regarding our product, we will complete this phase of prototyping end Feb followed by another round of validation before embarking on DFM (design for manufacture), with product release slated for Q4 this year.

End of a great show Jan 8

Our next fundraising is planned for March / April 2017.
Team REYEDR have achieved huge milestones on our first year anniversary — and are looking forward to achieving some more in 2017 as well!

For more info on our Company and Product.

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