Help the environment, from your couch

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If you’ve been listening to the news at all lately, you’ve seen some truly terrifying reports of our civilization ending as we know it by 2050. The existential crisis can hit hard and leave us wondering what the average person can do.

There are some big and necessary changes that everyone can make to “go green”; Recycle and compost more, use less plastic, bike or bus to work, eat local. While I do agree that you should do these things, I know some of us need to get our feet wet before diving into a more eco-friendly life. …

Title: Oh the types you will know

Hi! Hello! Excuse me, I say!

Are you here to learn typography today?

How “Pride and Prejudice” could have turned out with a little empathy and user personas

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” — Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

It is also a truth universally acknowledged by designers that unless you try to know or understand your users, you’re doomed to failure (or at least major setback). The whole idea behind user experience design is building products and services that meet the needs of the users, not just the creators. …

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Remembering to water your plants sounds like an easy task. So how do so many of us end up with wilted and dead plants shortly after purchase? Looking through the top results of Google about houseplants, you will find a surprising number of links titled “Keeping plants alive”, “Why is my plant dead?” and “How to bring my plant back to life”.

According to the National Gardening Association, “Thirty-five percent of all U.S households, or 40 million households, grew indoor houseplants in 2006.” …

What I said to someone who had no idea what “UX design” is

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A few weeks ago, I was talking to my younger sister about careers.

Me: “…So that’s when I decided I’d like to focus on becoming a UX designer rather than staying in front-end development.”

Sister: “Well, what is UX?”

Me: *generic textbook definition of usability and user focused design*

Sister: “So… a web designer?”

Me: “Well, not exactly. I think what you mean is a UI designer. They definitely work hand-in-hand but focus on different aspects of the same story. Ya know?”

Sister: “But there are enough templates out there for me to make a website so what is the…

5 tips on how to get back on your feet after rejection

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You interviewed at a company for a job you really wanted. But later you received the dreaded and somewhat impersonal email that the company you interviewed with is “moving on with other candidates”. First, don’t worry you are not alone; we’ve all been there, me included.

Some background- I interviewed with a company for the position of UX Designer. As this is the career path I have chosen to embark upon, I was so excited to meet with the team, learn about the company, and use Google Maps…

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